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Mozilla Cuts the Support for the Thunderbird Email Service

thunderbird email serviceMozilla cuts the support for the Thunderbird email service and seems like it is ready to get into the next phase in order to improve the focus on user interest around the Firefox web browser. The company now hopes to separate completely the assistance for Thunderbird, a free chatting, e-mailing and information for the customers that it first released more than 10 years ago, but ceased the upgrades for it in 2012.

These ideas were exposed in a memo directed towards all employees in the respective branch. Mozilla’s officials believe that Thunderbird would gain the best advantages by detaching itself from the dependence on the organization’s developing techniques and in many situations, Mozilla’s technological innovations, as they have written in the memo published on Mozilla’s community boards.


Its present establishing is not constant in its actions and the specialists should start searching how they can transform in an organized manner into a potential success where Firefox and Thunderbird are completely separated. The memo does not specify if the company will make an attempt to turn Thunderbird into a open-source enterprise, or if it will search for a business associate to handle the product, since it seems an early venture at this moment.

What is obvious is that the organization has tried to improve how it operates all business components and the efforts of the technicians as an element of a larger strategy to revitalize Firefox. This is a vital aspect of its long-term battle to acquire more business opportunities against opponents such as Google’s Chrome.

The company now perceives any assistance for Thunderbird, including the restricted services it has offered for some time, similar to paying taxes, besides the effort these technicians invest in developing Firefox. Such competitive requirements are not optimal for either venture, since experts working at Thunderbird must concentrate on maintaining and adjusting Firefox’s inline-driven modifications.

Technicians developing Chrome and relevant tasks end up analyzing the competitive requirements of Thunderbird, thinking about how long they will support Thunderbird. As a result of this, neither branch can concentrate completely on the best strategies for it. Besides the proven fact that the company has cut off the majority of assistance services three years ago, Thunderbird has turned into an anachronistic item.

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