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Cybernetic Attack on VTech’s Learning Lodge

Well, if this is the guy with access to several hundred thousand children’s personal information… at least he has good taste in movies. Hail to the king, baby!

Bad news for all parents and kids using VTech’s Learning Lodge app, as the company’s website has been hacked and all the data there collected by the cyber attackers. Read on to find out more about the cybernetic attack on VTech’s Learning Lodge.

Learning Lodge, a website meant for parents and children alike, is a platform designed to help the aforementioned users download various apps, games, e-books and educational multimedia. The website contains the data of hundreds of thousands of children, and possibly that of millions of adults.


So, of course, as it has become quite a trend in the last year, the website was hacked. Successfully, I might add. The hackers did such a great job, in fact, that they obtained all of the parents’ and children’s data that was stored on the web platform. Yeah. Quite creepy.

So, what are the parents going to do, now that some creep somewhere has both their own and their children’s information? Well, there’s really not much to do about it, except for changing their account information.

The company behind the website, VTech, apologizes for the intrusion, but wants to assure every worried member that the data that was stolen isn’t really that important, and that they should technically be safe from any further attempts made by the mysterious cyber assailant.

In an official statement, VTech claimed that parents should not worry, as the only information stored on the website was the IP address, name, mailing address, email address, encrypted password, secret question and answer for password retrieval, and download history of their customers.

However, things are not as simple as the spokesman tried to assure their violated users, as with the amount of data stolen, the hacker has access to a lot of the children’s private information. Sadly for them, all they can do is change their account information, or just delete their accounts and move on, hoping that nothing more will come of this large-scale invasion of privacy.

As more and more companies are hacked, as has been the case in the past year, more and more hackers rise up to challenge, wanting to show that they’ve also got the mettle to engage in such illegal, yet exciting activities.

We tend to ignore when something like this happens to a major, faceless company, however, when the black hats strike so close to home, and invade the privacy of those close to us, we want someone to take action, we start demanding our rights and we want retribution. This is how society works nowadays.

Perhaps, if we were to implicate ourselves more in the affairs of others, if we were to care not only when we ourselves are slighted against, maybe then we would be able to affect a change in the way society works.

Until then, stay safe and use proxies!

Image source: www.wikimedia.org

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