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Polytron Launches Fez Limited Edition

So wait, we’re dealing with an inter-dimensional traveler wearing a fez? And he also avoids violence?

Have you always liked indie games? Have you always liked indie games but felt there was something missing? Something like, I don’t know, a physical copy of the game? Well, fans of the 2013 popular indie title can rejoice, as Polytron launches Fez Limited Edition.

Launched in 2013, the game became an instant classic, due to its innovative mechanics, brilliantly executed ideas, intelligent puzzles and fabulous level design. It impressed players worldwide with the sense of awe and wonder it inspired, and people are still talking about it today.


Well, for very big fans of the indie title, this might be one of the biggest news they will receive this year, as Polytron, the company behind the playable work of art, announced they will release a limited edition, collector’s version of the game.

Coming in at the not very holiday-friendly sum of $100, the limited edition will feature a red hardcover notebook. The notebook will be bound in red canvas, with gold foil inlay, measuring 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.625″, and will come accompanied by the game’s breathtaking soundtrack and DRM-free copies of the game for the PC and Mac.

Only 500 copies will be produced, each of them being numbered and signed by the game’s creator, Phil Fish. The creators say that the product will be ready for shipping by December 18th. However, they warn that it will most likely not arrive in time for Christmas.

Counting on optical illusions, player creativity, and ingenuity, as well its brilliantly crafted puzzles and level design, Fez offers an unforgettable experience to players who enjoy being challenged by a smart, creative and at times frustratingly difficult game.

Gomez, the fez-wearing playable character (what, fezzes are cool?), finds himself able to shift dimensional plains after a world-altering catastrophe adds a third dimension to his 3-D world. The game proceeds to allow the player to control Gomez through this world, using his newly found dimension altering powers to discover more and more of the superb world in which our character lives.

Another one of the game’s pluses consists of the amazing amount of the detail the creators put into the pixelated world, allowing for breathtaking views in a 2-D world.

The game also features tons of secrets, alternate routes and collectibles, so that its replayability is nearly endless, if not for the content, then definitely for the level of immersion the game can provide through its brilliant visuals and soundtrack.

You can also find the trailer for the awesome game below.

Image source: www.wikimedia.org

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