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U.S. Officials Finally Accept Self-Driving Cars

"Google's driverless car technology"
New rules could acknowledge more freedom for Google’s driverless cars.

Judging on their recent announcement, it seems U.S. officials finally accept self-driving cars now that Google’s new technology has proven it can function properly. Authorities did not enlarge upon their announcement; they only limited themselves to saying that rules will be loosened.

Google’s driverless cars have been through many tests lately, but neither of them have been performed without the presence of a human driver behind the steering wheel. This, simply because the U.S. laws do not allow such tests to be conducted in absence of a human driver.


Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx announced on Wednesday that he is willing to rethink their position on this new technology. The new rules will be adopted in the following weeks, he has added.

Many suppositions can be made in relation to the new stance that the U.S. Secretary is adopting by looking at the past regulations. The driverless car has been authorized only for tests and its use for public transportation has been completely banned.

Two years ago, when these laws have been adopted, Foxx considered there are too many safety issues related to the driverless car technology. Consequently, it has been established that these cars should not be used for general driving purposes.

Regardless of their initial skepticism, driverless cars have managed to conquer officials’ hearts. The latter allowed Google to perform on road tests in specific areas in Nevada, Michigan, California and the District of Columbia. These tests have proven authorities that the technology is really reliable, so driverless cars could soon become a constant on U.S. roads.

The Secretary of Transportation could allow more testing on Google’s self-driving cars, including those that do not require the presence of a human driver. Another possibility is for driverless cars to finally be accepted for public transportation.

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