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Xiaomi Red Note 3 – One Step Ahead for Mobile Payments

xiaomi redmi-note-3Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is increasing the attention on its producer’s upcoming payment platform, since the famous Chinese company has built a fingerprint sensor into it. This feature will be incorporated into its next series of affordable devices, after it revealed the new phone this week.

The sensors, which are placed on the rear of the gadget, represent the most stunning option of the latest 5.5” phablet. The mobile phone will be sold at a price of approximately $140, making its first appearance at the Chinese suppliers and it is worth mentioning that it arrives with a metal case, while the manufacturer has enlarged the gadget’s battery power to a huge 4000mAh.

Under the fashionable frame, the device is operated by the Helio X10 processor produced by MediaTek. It has a thickness of 8.65mm and is only 4g heavier compared to the past Redmi Note, which weighed 160g and the Note 3 has incorporated an identical 5MP frontal digicam and 13MP rear sensor as its forerunner.

This mobile phone will probably represent the first device of many produced by the Chinese company to receive a fingerprint scanning feature. However, its introduction nowadays represents Xiaomi’s move into the new mobile payment segment in a possible game changing manner. While this option can be applied to start the device without a password, like the feature present on gadgets from other manufacturers, this is just the beginning for Xiaomi.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi launched the complete version of its Mi Wallet, the new function that extends beyond applications like those offered by Apple and Google to allow expenses, bank account control and other transactional services for all Xiaomi users. Now, the Chinese company is increasing the platform for its cellular transaction applications that could represent a significant component of the recent Mi Wallet service.

The primary Mi Pockets option is available globally, but some particular features, for instance mobile payments, are for now restricted only to China. Since Xiaomi has managed to sell over 60 million gadgets in 2014, and is seeking to surpass 80 million units sold in 2015, its access into mobile transactions could be greatly important.

The company also revealed its next gen tablet, the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2, which has now a complete metal body, similar to the Note 3. The producer announced that its new tablet is almost 20% thinner and 40g less heavy than the first version.

Furthermore, the latest Mi Pad 2 has moved over its past Nvidia components, with a gen-two design operated by the Intel Atom Z8500 chip. It incorporates an 8” screen, two cameras of 8MP and 5MP on the rear and front respectively, and a hefty 6190mAh battery that can be charged via a Type-C slot.

The tablet has a cost of approximately $150 and is offered with a 32GB or 64GB memory storage. Lastly, Xiaomi teased its audience with the second version of a “smart” air cleaner, which will be first released during next month and this generation is more compact and less heavy, according to the company that wants to get a bigger slice of the huge Western tech market.

Image source: Putulanang

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