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Microsoft Celebrating Black Friday with 10 Days of 10-Cent Deals

"Microsoft 10-cent deals"
The Holiday season looks promising already.

Among the many news that got our attention this week was also the one about Microsoft celebrating black Friday with 10 days of 10-cent deals. As you’ve probably already imagined, the Holiday deals that the company has prepared are mainly related to their arrays of game consoles: Xbox One and Xbox 360.

The holiday season is the most anticipated time of the year for gamers all over the world. They know that this is the moment when they can finally purchase their favorite game consoles and accessories at really advantageous prices. Microsoft is one of the companies that has prepared the biggest surprises with 10 days of 10-cent deals for Xbox One and Xbox 360 lovers.


The software developer recently announced that a special Xbox One package will be available in stores at the price of $490. This pack will contain the 1TB Xbox One console and a wireless controller sporting a 3.5mm headset jack. There is also a Steel Book case inspired by the Spartan theme and the full version of the Halo 5: Guardians Limited Edition game.

In case you cannot afford this package, you can opt for the cheapest product there is at present, namely, the standard Xbox One, which will be available for $299.

As for the less than 1 dollar offers, these have been prepared for various Xbox One games. The complete list of the games that have a very small subscription fee was posted on Microsoft’s official website. These include titles, such as, the “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, “Fallout 4”, “FIFA 16”, etc.

Microsoft is not preparing only deals for gamers as the company has made a good reputation due to their professional software programs. The 10-cent deals that the company is offering have been designed for Windows 10. Besides the regular holiday celebrations, Microsoft is also celebrating Windows’ 30th anniversary and what better way to do it than with discounts.

Shoppers can get tons of music, video and game downloads for Windows 10 by simply paying 10 cents. There will be many other interesting offers by the end of the month, as Microsoft promised in their official blog post.

Office 365 subscriptions will be more cost-efficient during this period of the year, too. While regular subscriptions usually cost around $100, the Office 365 suite will now be available for only 10$ a year, the company further added.

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