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Sony PlayStation 4 Sold Out within few hours of launch

Sony has managed to attract huge crowds on Friday during its much awaited gaming console – PlayStation 4, most of PS4 fans were lined up outside stores of retailers got their devices but many have to return empty handed as the low stock.

Sony PlayStation 4 begins to sell on November 15
Sony PlayStation 4 begins to sell on November 15

Sony PlayStation 4 has got the overwhelming demand from the gaming world but the short supply seems to draw the gamers attention towards the competitive console Xbox One launches next week by Microsoft on November 22nd. Some people who waited in long lines and came empty-handed are so angry about the situation and posting their anger on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Online stores such as Amazon and Best Buy also indicate “Sold Out” on PS4 sales pages.

Andrew House, head of Sony PlayStation division said during the launch in New York,

“It feels like the culmination of a fantastic but very long journey. We feel that we’ve got a great product and set of game experiences for people.”

Sony responded to the shortage of the consoles and said that the firm had met the production goals a week prior to the launch day and said that the device can be manufactured faster and easier than the previous model, hence the shortage could wipe out in few days. However, the supply of third-party parts could decide the availability of the new console.

Both, Sony as well as Microsoft indicated that their pre-order numbers are in record level and it seems the gaming market is booming and we guess that the new comers such as OUYA, Valve and others could make something from this boom. Sony expected to sell 5 million PlayStations in its first wave and it seems that the device will achieve in few days of sales.

Point to note:

According to the survey by a social networking site for gamers – Raptr, 17 percent of the gamers wanted to buy both Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One and 32 percent of the people will buy the new console (any of these two) at launch date/week and 63 percent gamers want to buy in next 6 months of launch. When will you buy the new gaming consoles – which is your favorite?

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