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App Prices to Be Lowered by Google in 17 Countries

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Great news for the roughly 1.5 billion Android users around the world, as the multi-national giant declares app prices to be lowered by Google in 17 countries.

Well, not exactly. The prices themselves will not be lowered by the enterprise, as the developers are allowed to set their own. What will be lowered is the minimum price for which an app is available.


As someone versed in economy will be able to tell you, this might mean a momentary drop in profits for the Android Market, but it will eventually lead to an increase, as more and more users will be drawn to the new, less expensive apps.

The change came as an attempt by Google to better adapt the app prices to the social-economic conditions present in the emerging economies of other countries, thus making said apps more accessible to a larger audience.

Significantly reducing the minimum price for an app, or in-app purchases, throughout South America, Asia, and Europe, will allow aspiring developers from objectively poorer countries to keep an edge in their pursuit of innovation.

This move has been implemented after an attempt earlier this year, in which app prices in India were lowered to 15 cents, or 10 rupees, in order to encourage developers. The attempt was a huge success, and it has been implemented in the 17 countries today.

The drop in prices is significant, reducing them by more than half, and bringing them to less than a quarter of their counterparts in America and Europe.

Smart phones have seen a drastic increase in popularity in the last years, with 4.55 billion users being documented in 2014. Obviously, all software developers want to be a part of the action, with titans like Google and Apple fighting for supremacy. Even though Android users are already statistically more numerous than iOS users, this price reduction might give Android an edge.

But how will Apple respond to this move made by Google? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Below, you can find the list of the 17 countries in which the change has been implemented. Is your country among them?

Brazil: $0.26

Chile: $0.28

Colombia: $0.26

Hungary: $0.43

Indonesia: $0.22

Malaysia: $0.23

Mexico: $0.30

Peru: $0.30

Philippines: $0.32

Poland: $0.45

Russia: $0.23

Saudi Arabia: $0.26

South Africa: $0.28

Thailand: $0.28

Turkey: 0.21)

Ukraine: $0.21

Vietnam: $0.27

Image source: www.wikimedia.org

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