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OnePlus X Packing the Same Specs in a Smaller Frame

OnePlus-XThe recently launched OnePlus X surpasses new limits for a younger company from China. By developing the OnePlus X, the manufacturer eschewed its regular system of integrating the best chip processor in an extremely affordable mobile device. Instead, OnePlus has rewired the internal components the original OnePlus One in a compact gadget with a reduced $250 cost. But in accomplishing amazing task, it has acted against the company’s’ own concept.

It seemed a wonderful on paper, since the specifications of the manufacturer’s excellent first appearance were packed into a compact sized and well-made frame, but in reality, the company has cut a few corners. The X has some problems with its camera and screen, and strangely, it does not support a series of common LTE channels in the United States.


It is an unusually different device, unrivaled for raw efficiency at only $250, but incapable to keep speed in other departments. With improved all-round mobile phones available for the same cost range, such as OnePlus’ own top phone, it is hard to fully recommend it. This does not imply that people who want to buy it will be disappointed by its performances, but there are some limitations compared to a few competitors that claim to bring similar options at even lower prices.

Within the classy case, things are far more exciting. Even if at its price does not pose a threat to the OnePlus 2, at $250 it provides a powerful specifications list, which is approximately similar to 2014’s OnePlus One. This means the 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 chip combined with the Adreno 330 video card, 16GB of internal memory, 3GB of RAM, dual SIM ports and the 2,500mAh battery.

The phone has a smaller footprint compared to the OnePlus One, a 5” screen rather than the 5.5”, but it still has a 1080p resolution. There is neither an elegant fingerprint sensor nor Type-C slot seen in OnePlus 2 and it has room for an extra microSD card on its SIM tray, but OnePlus’ outstanding alert slider serves many functions and there is a nice variety of colored notification LEDs.

There are some welcome improvements within the box and one is the phone’s micro-USB wire. It is identical to the cable used for the OnePlus 2: a smooth, red cord with the reversible USB connection at the charging end. It would have been simple for the manufacturer to pack a regular white-colored cable and get over it. Even if it is only a wire, it is awesome that budget-friendly devices can still seem like luxurious gadgets.

Image source: Davincitech

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