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Android Marshmallow 6.0 Arriving on Motorola Phones

android marshmallow 6.0Gradually, Android Marshmallow 6.0 is arriving on an increasing number of gadgets and the newest receivers of the OS are last year’s Moto X and 2015’s Moto X Pure (or Style, depending on where you live). These two popular smart phones are important, since all Motorola X devices are popular in many parts of the globe. The company’s representatives stated on the official Google+ webpage that these upgrades are ready to be implemented for certain programs and gadgets.

Experts said that Motorola smart phones could be the first devices to receive the updates from Android, but the launch is not ready for every phone out there yet. Users do not have to be disappointed if they do not see the newest upgrade on their gadgets, but do not fear, since it is planned to roll out very soon.


This new 6.0 Marshmallow update delivers many new options and improvements to the newest mobile system. In the configuration menu, a muting key has been included so people can simply access it when they want tranquility. To check storage utilization of set up applications, there is a memory control for all data inside the phone. To further personalize the UI, the OS has a System Tuner included to the configuration menu.

Another function is its Doze mode that enables battery power saving. The device will instantly get into hibernation whenever the phone is not used for a certain period. This means that the phone will close all background applications to fully improve the left energy and saving power to it. Another energy-saving function is the Standby mode that decreases the battery power’s strain. These applications that are rarely running are not turn off but put into sleep mode, according to the search engine.

Of course, the new Permissions mode is added too, so customers can manage better what information can be sent by their applications. This option was formerly applied to applications that can be customized from the menu selection, but now users can also change permissions by category.

For extended storage space, microSD cards are now used for inner storage space and mobile storage. Google Now on Tap delivers contextual data to be offered depending on what is displayed on the device. For people who prefer to share information within applications and to their contacts, Android Marshmallow’s Direct Share allows easy direct sharing by tapping the symbol on the screen. People will see this in a particular application and all contacts are shown to select those who have to receive the messages.

Image source: Aolcdn.com

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