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Android Wear Arriving with the Wrist Gestures

Android WearGoogle has lately launched an upgrade to its Android Wear system. The 1.4 upgrade delivers a new series of user gestures, enabling improved ways to manage the smart watch’s functions. The movement of the tiny touch screen to the right and left is already implemented, but with its new action control, the user can just move his hand for this wearable system to follow certain courses.

Android Wear got a well-deserved attention these past weeks, especially since other top watch producers are coming into the game, while mobile providers are now including further assistance to wearable devices. From only WiFi and Bluetooth to cellular connections, the smart watch market has quickly grown within the last couple of years.


The original Android wearable to have mobile assistance was the famous LG Urbane 2nd Gen, which some US carriers have lately presented it for pre-orders. Tech experts believe that more manufacturers and sellers will adhere to the same marketing strategy in the next months, but right now, customers can use the new functions that arrive with their Android Wear edition on a top smart watch.

The wrist gestures’ option is usually activated on all Android Wear-operating watches by default. Verify if it is actually running on the device by selecting Settings and Gesture Tutorial and then you can test all wrist actions from here. The smart watch’s features will be based on the pace and trajectory of the wrist movements and it will will not react to the distance of the movement, but to the wrist’s movement speed and trajectory.

Google has mentioned that allowing and using these wrist actions will reduce the battery power. It will not be an important reduction, but people have to expect a minor decrease during a regular usage of the motions. The technical experts of the organization have also presented some other controls that can be performed on a smart watch through wrist gestures: scrolling through screen cards, applying an action on these cards or moving back and forth to the smart watch’s face.

There are more details to it: the 1.4 upgrade also delivers audio feedback. This is a necessary option for the expected calling assistance, but it can also pave the way for verbal alerts, like notifications and the exact time. Just a few timepieces have the required audio system, so current users should not get too excited to hear their favorite songs on a smart watch. Even if they do not receive sounds, they will probably want to update they Android operating system if they can.

Image source: Teensystudios

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