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Police Fines Google Car for Driving Too Slowly

"Google driverless car"
The police officer did not know who should he interrogate, considering that the car is driverless.

While human drivers get pulled over for DUI or speeding, Police fines Google car for driving too slowly. Google was quick to respond saying the car has been programmed to observe street rules, accordingly.

There have been many headlines recently in relation to Google’s car and we assume this is absolutely normal considering the wonderful things that the vehicle can do. The driverless car was, nevertheless, recently criticized because it was driving too slowly on the eastbound No. 3 lane, near Rengstorff Avenue.

According to police officer’s declaration, he noticed a line of cars on the respective lane and decided to get a closer look. Once he passed beyond the last vehicles, the officer saw that the culprit was the driverless Google car.

He was then, forced to solve a surprising riddle: who should he fine, since there is no driver inside the car. Can Google’s smart vehicle respond to police officer’s questions and take fines, if this may be the case? Obviously, the vehicle won’t move around the streets of a city without passengers, but even so, it could save policemen of many troubles if the smart software could respond to police officers, as well.

The introduction of Google’s car could bring law infringements of all kind. Consequently, authorities should be prepared and the tech developer should take all measures to ensure citizens’ safety.

This time, however, police officers think the vehicle has gone a little bit too far as the speed was set at 24 mph in a 35 mph area. The police officer told operators that the new car should not obstruct traffic in any way. He also informed himself on the mechanisms that the vehicle used to adjust its driving limits on the road.

Google adopted a humorous stand on the situation, but they did explain that the car’s speed limit was set to 25 mph for safety reasons. We have yet another supposition: we think the driverless vehicle was supposed to make a slow entrance on El Camino Real and let all passers-by admire its sheer beauty.

The Google rep further explained that the speed limit was perfectly legal in this case because the area has a 35mph limit. The company takes pride in the fact that their car has never been ticketed once during the 1.2 million miles they have made with their driverless car.

Image source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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  1. Not sure about the British usage of "fine" but no penalty was assessed. The car was allowed to proceed without being cited because no law had been violated.

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