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What Xiaomi’s Mi Band Pulse Can Do

"Xiaomi's Mi Band Pulse"
Set at $16, Xiaomi’s fitness trackers is one of the most affordable.

Fitness trackers are not new to us, but some devices manage to get out attention simply because they cost less and are much more attractive than the rest. Once you find out what Xiaomi’s Mi Band Pulse can do, you will definitely consider purchasing a so-called cheap fitness tracker.

After a one-year pause, Chinese smartphone producer, Xiaomi, has created a new fitness band that will only cost $16. Although the new product is just as cheap as its predecessor, the new tracker has been endowed with new functions that are set to convince any consumer to give it a try. After all, it doesn’t even cost much.


But let’s take a look at what Xiaomi’s Mi Band Pulse can do. According to the company’s official declaration, the device does not just keep track of the physical activities that the wearer carries out. It also monitors heart rates and sleep quality. This is possible due to the photoplethysmography process that is accomplished with a special light.

This is not all. The fitness tracker is one of the most resistant bands at present if we were to judge after its battery life. Producers have stated that the device only needs to be charged once at 20 days – the average durations of its 45mAH battery. It is only topped by its predecessor, whose battery life lasted approximately 30 days. However, we should consider the many functions the new gadget has.

Users can sync data from their fitness tracker on their Android or iOS-based smartphones with the help of a special app, which may be found and downloaded on the company’s website. Users have to have the Android 4.4 and the iOS 7 versions of software.

Sweat and dirt are the two things that come to our minds when we think of physical exercises. Developers at Xiaomi have made their fitness tracker water and dust resistant, so you don’t have to worry that their functioning will be altered in any way.

Interested customers may purchase the new device in exchange for $16, only $3 more compared to its predecessor. Moreover, the band weighs only 13.5 grams, which makes it even lighter than its predecessor.

The Band will be launched in China on the celebration of Singles’ Day. Although the producer did not specify anything about possible international launches, the company is asking customers whether they would like the band to be available in their country, as well.

Image source: www.ndtv.com

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