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Veg hot dog may contain meat and human DNA, study says

There is no good news when it comes to the original mystery meat of the world and you do not want to know what is contained in hot dogs. However, you must know it because it is extremely disturbing. Around 345 samples were tested by researchers from seventy five different brands.veg-hot-dog

  • 15 percent of products had some issues.
  • Only 10 percent of veg hot dogs were veg and 67 percent of them had hygiene issues.
  • Traces of human DNA were found in 2 percent of hot dogs.

Clear Food, a California company which undertakes the task of testing foods genetically has taken the decision of starting with sausages and hot dogs. Around 345 samples were tested from 75 brands including meatleass.

As per the survey, around 14.4 percent of sausages and hot dogs had issues. This ranges from misleading labels, hygiene issues or incomplete list of ingredients. Some brands don’t respect the beliefs, diet or way of life you choose. While it is essential for several religions that when there is ‘pork free’ label, it must really be free of pork. However, this requirement is not followed by all. Around 3 percent of such labeled products were false.

And while this is not a particular belief that is being broken, it is obvious that everyone would be disappointed to know about the 2 percent of them that had human DNA. This is being proven once more and sometimes it is best not to know. However, some peddlers of hot dogs hold the most important facts for themselves. Clear Food is here for spoiling all reports.

However, some brands did not even care about someone’s vegetarian lifestyle. In fact, vegetarian hot dogs were considered to be the worst of the lot. Around 10 percent of vegetarian hot dogs contained meat and had hygiene issues. However, some brands were quite loyal and the best for vegetarians is Trader Joe’s. For non-vegetarians, the best ones are Aidell’s, Whole Food’s 365, Taveritte’s, Johnsonville, Oscar Mayer, Ball Park and Hebrew National.

In the result of their study, Clear Food has also started a Kickstarter campaign to verify other popular foods. So, your favorite sushi or burgers are next.

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  1. Please fix the obvious typo about what percentage of veg dogs were veg. In the bullet points it says that only 10% were veg, but in the body of the article it says something completely different. Which is it?

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