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Facebook patch-up battery issues in iPhone application

Many iPhone user reports, Facebook application in iPhone drains more battery due to tracking features. We had gone through a simple experiment by switching tracking feature in iPhone Smartphone. In result, tracking feature had not become a reason for the battery issues. Facebook enabled an option to switch the tracking feature on or off.facebook-search-update

According to the press release, “The issue is not caused by improper background location collection. We are not collecting background location on iOS unless Location Access is set to Always on your device and you have enabled Location History in the Facebook app,”


Some website reports, the iPhone battery problem can also arise due to background application auto-refresh functionality. Although, these settings help to synchronize third party application every second. It doesn’t seem to be the key reason for the issue. Third party application auto-refresh can be turned on or off under setting option. We don’t think, this could be the reason for the battery issue.

Later we found, iPhone battery draining faster when the device connected to the Facebook application. The social network giant patch up battery problems on their official application.

Ari Grant (Facebook engineering manager) said in the blog post, “We recently heard reports of some people experiencing battery issues with the Facebook iOS app and have been looking into the causes of these problems. We found a few key issues and have identified additional improvements… ”

Facebook application won’t shut down properly, even though the auto-refresh functionality turned off. This feature actually helps to save the battery life, when the application not in use. But in the case of a Facebook, the application might be missing some code or late response. Facebook’s new autoplay video feature can also lead to over usage of the battery. However, the developer patch up battery issues with official apps in iOS operating system.

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