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Facebook (FB) improves its search bar; refines the results

The tussle is probably on between Google, Twitter and Facebook with regard to the search engine that all of them provide. The tussles have been on for quite some time now between these three social media giants, but now as it seems things are out in the open. Mark Zuckerberg has officially announced that his social media is in terms of expanding its searching features as a lot more public posts will be available for the users to search.facebook-search-update

On October 22, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the expansion of the search engine provided by Facebook that allows approximately 2 trillion public posts available on Facebook. This comes in as a great push against Google as till date Google has been the one ruling the search engine market. As it happens, Facebook has an average of 1.5 billion post queries everyday and its approximate daily post count is way more than that.


In the past, when anybody used Facebook’s search bar, only the relevant posts from the user’s friends and groups only appeared in the search results. Now, all the relevant public posts will be available, which will allow sharing on a much greater extent.

The main point of concern is the point that has made Google the superstar of search engines. You can search anything on Google and with the update by Facebook, you can search any post on Facebook as well.

The scenario is pretty same for Twitter and its search bar. According to the reports, the search results from Facebook will be more refined and will highlight the one that comes from the trusted users. The trusted user concept is something that we have had for quite some time with Twitter.

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