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Android 6.0 Marshmallow streamlined in the new Wunderlist to-do app update

Since many latest Android phones have started to receive the latest Marshmallow firmware update, the popular to-do app Wunderlist has also rolled out a major new update with many Marshmallow features-integration with Google Now on Tap for enhanced user experience.wunderlist-marshmallow-update

The new update released by 6 Wunderkinder GmbH will give the Wunderlist Android app a complete redesign along with many tweaks and performance enhancements that would keep the app on track to compete with bigger players in the to-do app market such as TODOIST, ANY.DO, Google Keep and many others.

As we said before, once you update the app to the latest version, the first thing you will notice is the new design. As the developer has added a reduced avatar size to the app, it is now more streamlined with more lists can be added in a single visible screen. The detailed view on the lists now shows many options such as comments, due dates, files, subtasks and notes. Even after adding these many features in the detailed view, the app doesn’t looks clumpsy. There is also an option to edit, add or review details of any to-do lists.

Wunderlist says in the blog post:

“With the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update Google Now is venturing into your lists. Google Now on Tap will scan your lists and bring up any relevant information that you might be interested in. Give it a go now. Head to your Movies to Watch list, then long press on your home button and see what pops up.”

With the integration of Android Marshmallow 6.0 features, Wunderlist users can add any lists, and to-do items straight from the notification bar through its Quick Add Notification setting to save time without closing any opened apps. Even the large blue button placed on the Home View does the task for you. If you want to create a new list, you should scroll down the Home View of Wunderlist as it has been relocated to the bottom of the app.

Unless it’s critical and noteworthy, Wunderlist will not ask for users’ permission for every event – thanks to Google’s new Android 6.0 Marshmallow. If your device runs on the latest Android 6.0+ Marshmallow firmware, then you can take benefit of new Google Now on Tap feature on your lists stored in the Wunderlist Android app.

If you are new to this app, learn more about Wunderlist in general from the official website, or download it from Google Play Store. Stay tuned for more app updates on The Next Digit.

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  1. Google gives Android these idiotic version names instead of numbers, in an attempt to obscure the fact that most devices are out of date and always will be. That's what happens when you design an OS without a proper hardware model and abstraction layer, and allow every telco to dribble out a special hacked version of Android for every phone model, one at a time. That's why the great "open-source" phone OS is a fraud.

  2. so whats better? iOS? windows? LOL

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