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Jailbreak your iPhone 6, 6s, 6s Plus on iOS 9 with PanGu 9

Although Jailbreaking your iOS device involves quite a bit of risk; but it is still one of the sought after methods for those who want to uninstall the pre-installed applications. On the other hand, the individuals who look forward to install a few tweaks on their iOS device also look forward to jailbreak it, to install the Cydia Market Place. But the main question always remains as to which step to follow in order jailbreak your iOS device successfully. Individuals should always keep in mind that one wrong action can literally lock your iOS devices for worse.

Although iOS 9 has not been in the market for long; many users had already requested a jailbreak procedure for it. So, the PanGu team has already released its first offering for iOS 9 on iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 5, and 5s. The PanGu team came into the light for the first time in the year 2014 with its jail break offering for iOS 7.1.


Here are the steps required to jailbreak iOS 9:

Step 1: First, make sure that you have a complete backup of your device. Ensure that all your data is locked away safely via iCloud or iTunes.

Step 2: Once you have made a backup of your data, and then download PanGu 9. The PanGu 9 jailbreak software is the one that you will need in order to jailbreak your iOS device.

Step 3: Then you must disable a few features like ‘Find my iPhone’, ‘Touch Id’, ‘PassCode’, etc.

Step 4: One done, you will be required to launch the PanGu 9 jailbreak software. Run the software as ‘Administrator’ in order to provide unprecedented access.

Step 5: Then plug your device into your PC and the software will be automatically detected. Follow all the on screen instructions that are given to you.

Step 6: Your iOS device might just reboot a few times. Wait for the process to be completed. Once done, open Cydia Market Place and enjoy the tweaks it provides.

PanGu 9 will allow you to jailbreak iOS 9 on the following devices: The iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 1, iPad Air 2, the iPad Air 1, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPod touch 6, iPod touch 5.

Before you decide to jailbreak your iOS device keep in mind that jailbreaking your iOS device will give you ability like nothing you have seen on your iOS device, but it will also breach the security provided by iOS, leaving your data unprotected to various harmful software.

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