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Sprint’s unlimited data speeds will be reduced after 23GB cap

With Sprint, unlimited data plans will not stay unlimited in all aspects any more. According to the reports, Sprint, which is the fourth largest telecom service provider in the United States, has announced that it will be throttling down the speeds of individuals with unlimited plans and consuming more than 23 GB per month.filephoto-sprint-store

As stated in the statement of Sprint’s Chief Technology Officer, Dr. John Saw, the new policy brought in by Sprint will allow a fair usage of bandwidth available for the users. The individuals who eat up more than 23 GB per month are of course a small group of individuals, but the amount of usage that they have eaten away is a lot from the normal users. He clearly used the terms ‘small minority’ and ‘unreasonable’, pointing out to the users who eat up more than 23 GB of data per month.


According to the new policy, the users with unlimited plans will see their data speeds throttled down to variable speeds depending on the stress that the network has at that point of time. As it happens, it will also be a point to be noted that the unlimited users will also be put lower on the priority list where the connection strength will be strained as well. The efforts put in are to provide all the users an equal share of the bandwidth available, such that no one finds the services of Sprint unavailable at any instance.

According to the statement, “The 23GB threshold is typical in the industry and other carriers have already implemented a similar practice. Today, approximately three percent of our postpaid subscribers are using overwhelmingly disproportionate network resources. Our goal with QoS is to prevent some portion of that three percent going forward from negatively impacting the other 97 percent of customers.”

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