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Motorola sold 500K Moto X in Q3, isn’t it a success?

Motorola has sold just 500,000 units of its flagship Moto X devices in Q3 2013, according to the research firm Strategy Analytics – and we think it’s a success for the firm.



Despite the hype around this Moto X smartphone on many tech blogs, the firm has only managed to sell 500K devices totally in last quarter. The device is currently only available in United States since last August.

According to the report, Motorola has only managed to ship less than 2% of smartphones globally in last quarter ending September, whereas it shipped 4% of smartphones 2 years ago.

However, you can’t judge the success of any company by its shipping numbers, especially when comparing the Moto X with that of the Galaxy S4’s 40 million smartphones, Apple’s million of iPhones activations or the 5 million Galaxy Note 3s. But, these numbers in millions is may be a disappointing figure for these companies. Customizable Moto X shipping is handicapped to sell in U.S. only, as of now.

Google owned Motorola started shipping of the Moto X on August 23rd and it had only 5 weeks to sell those 500K units until the September-end, for Q3. However, the initial launch came with only Verizon and AT&T, whereas T-Mobile started shipping on September 9 and Sprint and U.S. Cellular on 6th.

Recently, the company has also slashed the price of Moto X smartphones to $99 with contract on all carriers in U.S. and has a long term plan, where the affordable Moto G will be unveiled on Novembe 13 and will be in stores in November-end. This makes, Motorola to ship more devices, may be close to a million in this quarter.

If you still confused about the title of the article, where I used “Success”, it’s better to read Stasys Bielinis’ article on Unwired View, where you find detailed explanation about the success of the device.

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