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Cancer drug Nilotinib can increase motor skills in Parkinson’s disease

Although in most of the last stage cases, you cannot cure Cancer completely, but report suggests that an expensive cancer drug might just as well cure something else. According to the reports, an expensive late stage Cancer drug has shown positive signs in curing Parkinson’s disease.nilotinib-parkinsons

There have been many efforts put in to cure Parkinson’s disease, but not a lot of them have actually resulted in such well established results. It might just be the first time when a drug has probably made real inroads on the way of curing Parkinson’s.


According to the statement given by Charbel Moussa of George Town University Medical Center, “We have seen patients at the end stages of the disease coming back to life.” The drug, nilotinib, actually turns out to be working with the brain of the patient, leading to clearing the proteins that accumulate in the patient’s brain. This in turn helps out motor system of helping the human body in relieving the patient of Parkinson’s disease.

The main aim has always been to remove the extra proteins accumulating in the brain cells, which actually leads to the death of the brain cells. Moussa believes that the drug nilotinib can work wonders in removing the excessive proteins from the brain cells, if worked upon properly.

The complete data in this regard will be posted at the Neuroscience 2015, which is the annual meeting of the Society of Neuroscience. The meeting is due to be held in Chicago on 17 October, 2015. A proper investigation has been allotted for the patients suffering from Parkinson’s and who will be given the drug nilotinib. It will be important to ensure that the drug does not leave behind any side effects in the patients, which could in turn be fatal.

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