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HyperCam from University of Washington will help you to see through

The ability to see through things is till date the ability that a lot of individuals had wished for. It seems that the University of Washington has come up with the solution. HyperCam is a special type of camera that can see through things using a special kind of imaging technique.hypercam

The hyperspectral imaging technique, which is a part of HyperCam is already is large scale use. The technique is used in satellite imagery and the energy monitoring systems. The other good feature of HyperCam is that it is quite affordable. Unlike the other hyperspectral image capturing systems, HyperCam will not cost you thousands of dollars.

The main goal of the makers is to make hyperspectral imaging available for the mobile devices, which can take the world of mobile photography by a swirl. According to the statement given by the University of Washington’s team, the whole hardware for them has cost around $800. They believe that with the implementation of the hyperspectral imaging on the mobile devices, the costs can be cut down to $50.

HyperCam records the images with infrared waves, where in the area is illuminated by 17 different wavelengths. The 17 wavelengths use fall in the category of both visible and near infrared parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

“Existing systems are costly and hard to use, so we decided to create an inexpensive hyperspectral camera and explore these uses ourselves,” said Neel Joshi, a Microsoft researcher who worked on the project. “After building the camera we just started pointing it at everyday objects — really anything we could find in our homes and offices — and we were amazed at all the hidden information it revealed.”

A camera normally used by individuals, breaks down light into three simple color bands- Red, Blue and Green, but it cannot actually differentiate between the various different variations of Red like Crimson Read or Light Red. HyperCam can do these things at ease, which makes it the special one.

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