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330,000 Washington citizens affected amidst 15 million by T-Mobile Experian Breach

Bad news continues, as a report suggests that approximately 330,000 individuals amongst the 15 million victims of the data breach at Experian are citizens of Washington. In a statement State Attorney General Bob Ferguson stated, “I urge T-Mobile customers to take immediate steps to determine whether you have been a victim of ID theft, and to protect your information going forward”. This is not the first time personal identity has been breached this year owing to cyber attacks. He gave a few tips to the users of T-Mobile and at Experian, such that they can identify the effects that the data breach has on the individuals.john-legere-t-mobile

State Attorney General Bob Ferguson has asked the users to keep a track of their credit card reports. If the users sense any action that has not been performed by them, then it should be immediately reported to the concerned authorities at Experian. All the users are entitled to one free credit report every 12 months and they should be making use of it.

He also added that in case the users find something not genuine about the reports, they should immediately place a ‘Fraud alert’. The users can also consider placing a ‘security freeze’, such that none of your information goes about anything that you have done with your credit cards.

The customers should also stay aware and away from any calls or emails stating that they can provide credit card monitoring and services against identity theft. These calls or emails might just be a part of the hack that took place in September this year.

On the other hand, there is still no clear idea about the individuals who have affected. Experian has stated that they will inform all the affected individuals via email in due course by the end of 30th November, 2015.

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