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PC shipments continue to drop in the third quarter, despite Windows 10 launch

Analyst reports from Gartner and IDC revealed that shipments of personal computers continued to drop during the third quarter as a rise in U.S dollar made the devices more expensive in other countries. IDC found that out of 71 million global PC shipments were down by 10 percent year-over-year, and Gartner says shipments declined by 7.7 percent at $73.7 million.global-pc-sales-down

Both the firms reported that Lenovo Group Ltd. stayed the top global PC vendor, and Hewlett-Packard Co. remained the top shipper in the US. Sales of PCs started to decline over the years as more consumers are opting for tablets and smartphones. There was a slight rebound in sales in 2014 as Microsoft phased out Windows XP, reflecting purchases by businesses.


“The improved PC experience across user segments should drive longer-term demand for new PC hardware,” said IDC analyst Jay Chou.

However the slump is set to change in 2016 as more consumers opt to upgrade their devices. Analysts cite the transition to Microsoft Windows 10 OS for the slump, and customers are waiting for the sixth generation of Intel Core’s family that will boost performance and reduce energy consumption. Both firms said that users preferred to upgrade their PC hardware instead of getting a new PC. IDC researcher Lin Huang said whether this compulsion translates into actual sales remains to be seen.

According to IDC, companies are trying hard to limit price swings as the rise in U.S dollar made PCs expensive in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Japan and Latin America. HP, Dell Inc., Apple Inc and Acer Inc are the other top shippers. In the US, HP held the top spot, followed by Dell, Apple and Lenovo.  IDC had Toshiba in the fifth position, but Gartner had Asustek Computer Inc. in the spot. Globally, Lenovo held the top spot with 20 percent share, and showed strong growth in the US.

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