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iPhone 7 Rumors: Apple Inc to introduce wireless charging to waterproof phone

Apple iPhones undoubtedly enjoy way more hype than other smartphones. Apple has just done launching iPhone 6S for this year and rumors of the next year’s iPhone have already started building up. According to a new patent submitted by Apple U.S. Patent and trademark Office, iPhone 7 may feature support for wireless charging. The upcoming device is also rumored to be waterproof. The patent was spotted by Apple Insider.iphone-7-wireless-charging

Wireless charging is not a new technology per se you might say. So how can Apple patent the technology behind wireless charging? The method that Apple have patented will charge the device wirelessly and that too without any external hardware. All the existing smartphones that feature wireless inductive charging need some kind of external hardware to make the technology work.

According to the details available from the patent registration, the new technology will charge iPhone wirelessly by using the coil that allows iPhone devices to vibrate. The method will induce electric currents which then will wirelessly charge the phone. The coils that it will use are already there in current generation iPhones’ microphone/speaker.

The downside to that technology may be less efficient as power transmission may not be as efficient. Due to the small size of existing coils in current iPhones, the new feature may need specially designed coils to work properly. In that case, current iPhones will not be able to use the feature.

Apple is certainly late to the wireless charging game, but it packs a new feature with it. Last year, Apple iPhone 6 was didn’t support wireless charging due to the metal body, but now Qualcomm has successfully created a technology that will allow wireless charging through metal.

The new technology will also be most probably available on other next generation Apple devices like iPad and Macbooks.

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  1. Do you mean waterproof or water resistant? If I accidently forget my Iphone in my clothes and it goes through the washer, will it be ok?

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