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The nation observes first ever World Bone Marrow Day on Sept 19

We all know Red Cross camps for blood donation and how healthy it is to donate your blood two times in a year. But when it comes to bone marrow people are scared thinking about the spinal extraction and complexity associated with its donation.world-bone-marrow-day-main

One woman has turned the tables and changed all that and she is none other than Jane Prior, CEO Bone Marrow donation programme. We are witnessing the first of its kind Bone Marrow Donor Day on 19th September and it is a day to encourage people to sign up for a donation and also to spread the much needed awareness.


A list of donors, which are actually going to make a difference in other people’s lives and are going to be remembered for it.

A bone marrow donation process is like this:

  1. You Sign up for it.
  2. Spine Extraction is a Myth.
  3. All you do is donate Blood.
  4. All in all Bone marrow donation is an absolutely painless procedure.

Myths Associated with Bone Marrow Donation

Awareness is required because people think their spine will be used to extract bone marrow but that is a myth. It is an extremely simple process and painless too. You have to just donate your blood and the doctors and lab machines extract the bone marrow and match it. The donation happens when someone in need receives the stem cells from your donation and is cured from the sickness. So all in all it is for a great cause.

Finding a Suitable Match: More Sign up Means More Lives Saved

According to Jane Prior, most races need to sign up for the cause because it matches on the basis of race. For example an Indian’s bone marrow will match another Indian bone marrow. About 50,000 registrations have successfully been made to the BMDP.



We urge all our readers to volunteer and sign up for this amazing cause. Any comments are welcome.

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