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A female snake gives birth being alone for eight years

In this universe, the majority of the female species cannot deliver a baby without having intimacy with the male species. Almost, each and every species of this world cannot deliver a baby without a spouse. But, now a species of water snake have given birth without mating with the opposite sex. More than eight years, the lady is alone without having contact with any of the male species. The information might look odd, but it is purely true one.female-snake-in-captivity

The snake is conserved at the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center, and has kept away from the male snake for more than years. The interesting fact is that, the water snake has delivered her offspring in the exact second straight year in the Conservation area. The entire animal caretakers and researchers were in shock that how she laid her offspring without a spouse.


Jeff Briggler, an MDC herpetologist said,

“For many years, it was believed that such birth in captivity was due to sperm storage. Genetics is proving a different story. Watersnake could be going through virgin births due to the absence of a male snake around for a long time. Parthenogenesis has also been documented in other species of wild snakes. She’s at that age where she’s completely able to reproduce… It seems like a reproductive survival technique. Without a male, she wants to go ahead and produce offspring. That’s what she’s driven to do.”

The Scientific phenomenon is called as Parthenogenesis, and the lady snake was the first snake of its species, which undergoes parthenogenesis. The phenomenon is only common in insects, and it never happens in Mammals. It is observed that the female snake is alone for a longer time, without having sex with a male species, which leads the snake to give birth to live offsprings without having any intimacy. In the past, the same phenomenon has been documented in many wild snake species too.

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