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Secret of staying healthy with Omega 3 fat diet unveiled

A brand new and efficient diet, which consists of fatty foods is being rolled out by scientists who have studied people living in arctic regions. The research has shown that Inuit habitants are healthier than the rest of the global homo sapiens in terms of heart rate and physique because of an important factor.omega-3-inuit-siet

Their diet consists of a large portion of Omega 3 fatty acids. Living in colder climates is harsh and often body’s digestion is faster. But having the lowest risk of any disease that catches you for life is a phenomenal feat – this diet can achieve.


Interested? This is not a false alarm when we begin to curtail your intake or destroy your routine – rather you add up good portions of fat and still slim down. The diet may look poor, but it has kept Inuit people extremely healthy and fit.

Losing pounds by consuming fats is because of the gene mutations in Inuit habitants. But it can be replicated here too. On studying samples of Inuit people and people from China and Europe, researchers concluded that Omega 3 fatty acids are being consumed more by Inuit as their body does not produce them in sufficient quantity when compared to Chinese and Europeans.

Computational biologist Rasmus Nielsen at the University of California, Berkeley lead the research, and began by looking for genetic differences between a 191 Inuit in Greenland, 60 Europeans, and 44 ethnic Chinese. “When we did that, it pointed directly to one group of genes where we had an extremely strong signal,” Nielsen says. “They regulate how much of these omega-3s and omega-6s you make yourself naturally.”

This is the chief reason that they consume it more and we in the remaining parts consume it less. Thus, the metabolism is slower for such fats and we do not lose weight quickly. It is a great advancement in the field of health and if gene mutation can succeed, we all can lose weight by eating lots of fatty acids and tasty foods. The call is now in the court of the scientist – whether they succeed in helping people who struggle everyday trying to lose a few pounds.

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