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Weekly browser game #3 – Sports Heads: Tennis Open

This week, I have come with an all new sports game, which brings out your energy while playing the game. Sports Heads: Tennis Open is a sports game, in which you can play tennis with a computer player or with an another human player.sports-heads-tennis-open

The main advantage of browser games is that it doesn’t require any installations on your personal computer. Directly you can run this program in the browser without installing any additional softwares. Similarly, Sports Heads: Tennis Open doesn’t require any additional software to play this game.

The gameplay starts with a game option, where you can select which options to play. If you opt for “Single Player” game, you will play the rounds with CPU players. Once you have selected the game option, you can choose players such as Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and other tennis players.

The game comes with the description as

Play tennis against big-headed superstars! This sports game lets you compete with offbeat athletes, such as Andy Roddink, Roger Federal, and Rafael Nepal. You can hit the ball through special modifiers to keep changing the gameplay. Don’t let the ball hit the ground in Sports Heads: Tennis Open!

Once you have selected the player, the game play starts with two player heads with bats. Yes, the gamer has designed in such a way that, people need to enjoy the gameplay without any sorts of hassles. If you’re a fan of angry bird, then you will definitely love this game for sure.

Click here to play the game online.

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