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Resveratrol from red wine can be used to treat Alzheimer’s patients

Resveratrol is a compound that has been credited to have quite a few medicinal properties. The interesting fact is that the compound is found in abundance in Red wine, dark chocolates and red grapes.red-wine-alzheimer-cure

It has been stated in the past for quite a few times by various health research papers and studies that dark chocolate and small amounts of red wine is always a good option, provided you have it in little amounts every week. According to a recent study, the compound Resveratrol is also effective when dealing with diseases like Alzheimer.


According to the research team, individuals who intake foods and drinks containing the compound Resveratrol have maintained levels of another compound named amyloid beta 40, which in turn is an important compound for the human body. Individuals who do not take in the compound Resveratrol, find themselves in a situation when amyloid beta 40 compound is on a complete decline.

The study has revealed that the compound Resveratrol plays an important role in moderating the Alzheimer’s disease to a great extent. The main reason behind the disease is the constant reduction in the amount of amyloid beta 40 compound in the cerebrospinal fluids. In the case that the compound is completely absent, it results in immediate death of the individual owing to the death of the nerve cells in the brain.

The research team has clearly stated that people should start taking in red wine, red grapes or dark chocolates in their diet in order to maintain the required levels of the amyloid beta 40 compound. In addition, there are many more health benefits of having such diet, if taken in considerable amounts, added the research team. Lead researcher, Dr. R. Scott Turner, believes that this will lead to a complete new direction in the treatment of Alzheimer’s.

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