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To celebrate 30th anniversary, Nintendo Super Mario comes in new format

Super Mario, the 90s best game ever, in which a hyperactive tiny hero of the game runs along the trails of the buildings, turns 30 years by tomorrow. Super Mario, is one of the world known game, created by the Japanese giant, Nitendo and turns 30 tomorrow by releasing a new format of the gameplay.super-mario-maker

Super Mario is easily recognized with his red cap with blue dress and his mustache. Right of the child to adult, Super Mario is one of the famous people and act as a competitor for Pac-Man and other popular games that time. Nintendo has sold more than 310 million units, by featuring Super Mario as the main model. The game “Super Mario Bros” was released on 13th in the month of September in 1985. Also, in “Donkey Kong”, the character made a role under another name Jumpman.


Andrew Collins, communications manager at Nintendo Canada, said in a phone interview as,

“To be able to have that kind of love for a character, even after 30 years … it speaks volumes about how great a job they did originally when they created him,” “I’ve worked on a lot of big games, but nothing compares to the fans’ emotion with Mario.”

“I had a friend who had an NES, and I used to go round to her place so often that my mom said to me: ‘Do you like her or do you just like her Nintendo?’ “He’s kind of like an Italian plumber meets Charlie Chaplin,” Collins said. “He’s a great example of something where you don’t necessarily need a script because Mario works so well in every language, and I think that part of his appeal.”

Still adults from various part of the globe are nostalgic for the game, and while comparing to old Super Mario Bros, the new game New Super Mario Bros U allows its player to customize the player, and also to make them choose their own style of graphics in the gameplay. Nintendo also revealed a new game called Super Mario Maker for Wii U priced at $59, where users could design their own Mario character.

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