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Xbox One comes early for some pre-orders, dashboard and game details revealed

Microsoft’s Xbox One gaming console supposed to be sold on or after November 22, but there are eports of at least 3 devices being sold earlier and in hands of consumers.

Xbox One console's photo shot by the early receiver
Xbox One console’s photo shot by the early receiver

In the early sellers, Target sold 2 consoles already for its pre-order buyers and another one was made into eBay with the price tag of $10,000 (it was removed quickly). One of the early receiver, @Moonlightswami is posting the first impressions along with revealing of the device’s features. Let’s see some of those details.


According to the user, Xbox One took 17 seconds to startup and initially, he had to download a hefty 500MB patch. However, Microsoft recently revealed about this day-one patch, but it hasn’t revealed the size of the patch. In an interview, Microsoft senior director of product management Albert Penello told to Engadget,

“Functionally, you will be able to do very little without taking the day one update.”

The user has also revealed the sizes of few game downloads, in list below:

  • Ghosts: 39GB
  • Skylanders: 15GB
  • Madden 25: 12GB
  • LocoCycle: 13GB
  • Zumba Fitness: 24GB
  • FIFA 14: 8GB
  • Assassin’s Creed IV: 20GB
  • Just Dance 2014: 22GB
  • Ryse: 34GB
  • Dead Rising 3: 19GB
  • NBA 2K14: 43GB
  • Forza 5: 31GB

While, Microsoft promised that the game could be played  while being downloaded, Moonlightswami said that those games are only playable after minimum 50 percent of downloading. As he shared as many details of his console, many tech and gadget blogs published it. He also published his dashboard screenshots as well as published a YouTube video and Microsoft awaken by this move, managed to remove the YouTube video under the copyright claim and finally banned his Xbox One from XBox Live but not banned his ID, which is being used in previous model. But another user, who received the device early, tweeted that he talked to Microsoft on phone and they said that “it’s mine to do with as I please“. We have contacted the company regarding the early receipt and the ban on Moonlightswami’s console. Stay tuned on TND for more updates and also keep an eye on the links below.

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