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Google Inc to reenter China after 5 years through its dedicated app store

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is all set to move into China after a period of absence of 5 years. Google had left the Chinese region owing to some reasons and is expected to make a strong comeback in the recent times. The report suggests that the move will be made after the approval from the Chinese Government allows them to launch its Play Store application’s Chinese version. The report also suggests that the move will also include a few added features for all the Android wearable devices in China.google-china-app-store

The Chinese Government has quite a few local laws blocked various services from Google and the Play Store application. It seems that the once the Chinese Government allows a few of the applications, the market will expand for Google in China at an exponential rate.


The experts believe that although Google’s features and Play Store will only be available with the latest Android ‘M’ version, it is literally undoubted that in the recent future, the things will change. It will be interesting to see how the users in China react to the situation as by this time they must have made a habit of using the Internet without Google’s Services.

According to a few experts, China is one of the largest markets of the world and with the proper induction of Google’s services; the people will also be benefitted to a great deal. But things will not be very easy for the search engine giant as they are likely to face stiff challenge from the Chinese companies like Tencent Holdings, Xiaomi Inc. and Baidu Inc.

The news states that the final announcement regarding the matter will be made by the end of September.

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