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No 3D Blu-Ray disc support in Microsoft Xbox One — may be in future

Despite of having a Blue-Ray drive, a Microsoft representative told CNET that the current Xbox One will not play any 3D Blu-Ray discs as of now and said to bring support in future.



Microsoft Xbox One will be available in stores of U.S. from November 22 onwards, just one week after the release of Sony;s PlayStation 4 console. Microsoft has decided to include the Blu-Ray player in the new console after learning its mistake from previous Xbox 360. If the company brings the 3D support, it wouldn’t come out of the box, but out of the Xbox!

The users of 3D TV as well as 3D Discs are not widespread yet and are in very small numbers as the technology is pricey. If the technology as well as the 3D glasses gets into the affordable price, then we will see a growth in 3D TV as well as 3D player sales. Regarding the 3D gaming industry, very few 3D games are there in the market.

But, Sony seems to be one step ahead. Its PlayStation 3 already supports the 3D games as well as 3D movies and same expectation from its new PS4 consoles as it mentioned about the 3D gaming support in its recently released PS4 FAQ page. There are no words about a 3D Blu-Ray player on PS4. We have to wait for its launch on November 15.

Microsoft trying hard to market Xbox with their Tours, premium offers and video demonstrations, will Xbox One beat the expectation of gamers by luring in Sony’s lovers?


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