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She had to make a terrible choice to save one of her newborn conjoined twins

We all know that the cases of conjoined twins are getting way too common these days. Just yesterday a woman (now a mother) named Amber McCullough gave birth to 2 beautiful girls, but the only problem in the delivery was that the twins were – conjoined.conjoined-twins-minnesota

The two tiny bodies were attached at the abdomens, and immediately after the birth, doctors had to operate in order to separate the 2 girls. The mother was hoping that both the twins could be separated properly and can lead a healthy life. But the same was not the case after the complicated surgery. Only one of the conjoined twin sisters survived.


Amber a resident of Minnesota, hence got the terrible news that Olivia one of her conjoined twin girls has died and the other girl, Hannah is battling a critical surgery. The talented and wise medical doctors tried to separate both twins, but as the fate decided, only one of them could see the light of the day. The Children’s Hospital in Colorado, however, suggested that conjoined twins are a rare phenomenon to occur. But Amber has faith in the doctors and wishes recovery and health for Hannah.

The news would have created history if both conjoined twins would have survived and the mother of the 2 would have been joyous. But the fact is both mother and the surviving twin girl, are now in hospital – recovering.

Moreover, she stresses on the fact that even if for a few hours, Olivia left some magical moments in the world that she and Hannah would cherish. For now the news is terrible, but Amber McCullough is a brave woman and a loving woman for all we feel. She is optimistic and filled with gratitude when it comes to what’s next.

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