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iOS 7 support announced by Pebble, Yelp and Foursquare new partners

Users of Pebble’s wrist-worn device will now receive iOS 7 integration from Apple after installing the latest software update with smooth operation in the Notification Center. A Pebble user will be able to receive notifications on apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard and many more apps when the notification is enabled in the Notification Center.




A new iOS application which is being reviewed by Apple is set to be released in the App Store soon.

A software development kit named Version 2.0 will enable developers to bring up their applications compatible with Pebble was alos announced by the company. Developers can access four new interfaces for programming namely JavaScript, Accelerometer, Data Logging and Persistent Storage in the Software Development Kit.

By using the new API, developers can create apps that will allow integration with Web related data like weather and maps. According to the company, apps can also make use of the Accelerometer for Fitness and Health monitoring and even privide log data when the phone is disconnected.

Users can await the release of “amazing” new watch apps that is under development from various partners, the company promised. Foursquare, Yelp, GoPro and iControl were the companies mentioned. However the release date or extra information was not  revealed.

 On Tuesday, the teaser showed abour the Software under development and new fature that offer better functionality to developers. The company was launched in April 2012 after its successful stint on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site by receiving $10.2 million from supporters.

Pebble iOS Notifications from Pebble Technology on Vimeo.



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