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NHTSA probe 2008 Honda Accord sedans’ airbag controller issues

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, commonly called as NHTSA generated a report after investigating various factors which affect the airbags on Honda Motor Company’s (NASDAQ:HMC) Accord sedans that get failed to inflate, during the car crash. The investigation made the Honda to check around 384,000 cars belongs to the 2008 model.honda-accord-2008

Honda Accord was the company’s top selling car in the year of 2008. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration probably got some notifications from some of the 2008 models that have defected airbags, as in a case of a crash, the airbags of the affected sedans had not deployed properly.


The agency did not identify the people who had made the complaints, but it reported that it seems that the safety of the vehicle operators and passengers are in jeopardy and they are heading potentially for facing some serious injury or death during an accident.

Since the airbag release system affected due to the problem found in the 2008 models, the airbag monitoring illumination lamp of the device gets automatically turned on, which made the users to manually disable the airbags system, until it gets repaired. But this review investigation might welcome dark ages for Honda, as if the NHTSA investigation team finally finds any kinds of defect in the airbag controlling SRS module of the model, then Honda will apparently be fined and moreover they have to recall almost about 384,000 units in the United States.

According to the agency records, it received a document on Friday, in which almost 19 complaints were registered by the consumers and all points out at similar complaints in the same model, Honda Accord 2008 model. These complaints were subjected to airbag inflation issue, and other issues, which also leads to airbag issues. One of the customers complained that he was driving his car at the speed of 50 mph, and he got injured after crashing into a concrete wall since the airbags haven’t inflated.

When America’s Honda Company Chief Operating Officer was asked to make comments on the matter, he stated that throughout the investigation NHTSA will be cooperating with Honda as far as possible and an overall new investigation will also be conducted by the Honda Company itself over the available information.

However, there are chances in favor of Honda as well because problems not related to the combustible air bag inflators made by Takata Corporation. Due to “back to back” Takata airbag explosion, about 17 million car owners from about 11 different car makers in the US are recalled. According to another study, the spewing metal shards of the Takata airbag have injured or killed drivers and front seat passengers in most cases.

Moreover, NHTSA also did not confirm this investigation program over the automobile giant and said that, they are only checking out the scope and frequency along with the consequence of the alleged SRS module failures and nothing more than that.

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