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Apple Inc (AAPL) iPhone 6c: What we know so far

The tech giant, Apple’s first plastic mobile phone, 5c was released in the month of September 2013, and the same for the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus seems to be discontinued. Still, it’s unclear that the company has dropped the plan or not. Once the company announces the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on its launch event next month, all sorts of clarifications will be resolved.apple-iphone-6s-rose-pink

The rumor about the device started in the month of December last year, but soon the circulated rumor started to discontinue. After that, a report in the month of March claimed that, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and along with that, a 4-inch mobile, most probably iPhone 6c will be released. This, again ignited the fire for the iPhone 6c rumors, and leaked iPhone 6c case image further fueled for the rumors.


Still, we have a few weeks for the launch event of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the analytic report from the company shows that only two devices has been logged, not three. From this, the doubt on iPhone 6c release is again increased. Apart from that, report from Timothy Arcuri, an analyst, states that Apple still wants to release the 4-inch plastic phone. In the meanwhile, the supply chain has been stopped in the month of March 2015, since the project has been cancelled.

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The entire rumors about the iPhone 6c get collapsed, after an unknown new battery was surfaced in the month of August, with battery capacity of 1715 mAh. The surfaced battery doesn’t suit any current corresponding product, and this boosted up the rumor regarding the iPhone 6c.

Apple might use it for the upcoming iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, but the company would never end up in decreasing the battery life for the upcoming iPhone 6s. This makes us to believe that the battery is manufactured for the iPhone 6c. In the meanwhile, the company may reschedule its plans for the iPhone 6c release in the year 2016.

A post from Digitimes, states that the successor model for the iPhone 5c might release in the Q2 of the next year. Obviously, it might be the iPhone 6c and so far, Digitimes only provided authentic information regarding the supply chain of Asian countries. But, the site doesn’t exactly mention that the device was iPhone 6c. So, we need to wait until the official information arrives from the smartphone maker.

Additionally, there are few images leaked on the internet that shows back case of the iPhone 6c, and the back panel of the device made-up of glossy plastic material similar to its predecessors, and the main difference is that, the iPhone 5c comes with a single row of speaker grilles, whereas the current leaked images of iPhone 6c provides two rows of speaker grilles in it.

Accidentally, Apple has uploaded the images of iPhone 5c with TouchID with a new lightning dock; the images also prompt the rumors to fire up regarding the launch of iPhone 6c. It is in the hand of the company to unveil the information regarding iPhone 6c.

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