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Apple iPhone 6s Rumors: All new rose pink model leaked

It’s been an extra-ordinary week for the upcoming iPhone 6s by Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL), the images of pink variant of upcoming iPhone 6s is getting fired-up in the internet, and the rate of circulation is getting higher than the past couple of months.

Since Apple’s event is highly expected on September 9 this year, a couple of images are being consistently getting leaked on the internet, which shows a pink variant model of upcoming iPhone 6s. According to the various internet reports, it seems that, the company will unveil its flagship products such as iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and also budget device iPhone 6c, a 4-inch device. Apart from those devices, Apple’s iPad Pro will be released by following weeks of the event.

A list of images about the rumored upcoming pink variant of iPhone 6s has leaked in one of the Chinese blog, Daliulian.net, which shows boxed images of iPhone 6s, with pink metal body seems to be shipped out, even before it is officially unveiled. The images released by the blog, might be fake, but the same incident has boosted up the anticipation for the device.

Previously, the sources were saying that iPhone 6s will be released in gray, silver and gold colors. Also, in addition to this, an additional shade will be added with bright color. By combining both rumors, we can confirm that the rumored pink color might be the same one, which is mentioned earlier.

Not only the Chinese blog Daliulian.net, the pink model of the device is also leaked in another blog named as 996.com. Number of images of the pink device are being circulated on the internet, which strengthen the rumors, that an upcoming model of iPhone 6s might have a pink variety. However, 9to5Mac said that the rose pink colored image was a fake.

In the meanwhile, German-Carrier started to offer pre-registration for the upcoming iPhone device. Not only for the current model, has it been a tradition for most of the carriers to offer pre-registration for the Apple device, since iPhone 3G. The German Vodafone company has made a new form in their official website, which allows the customers to register the new device for them. Already T-Mobile started to issue passes for its customer, which they can use while buying the device with priority.

A couple of less reliable rumors have started to arrive on the internet, which states that the upcoming iPhone device might use the Intel wireless modem in it. Still, it’s not clear, from which device, the implementation will be done. Also, one more rumor arrives from Digitimes that, Qualcomm will continue to supply its modem chips for the upcoming iPhone models, and it is in the hand of the company to confirm us – whether which one we should believe.

Still, we need to wait for a few weeks more for the official announcement of the device, until the tech giant confirm us the official specification of the device.

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