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Tick bite leads to removal of legs and hands of a woman

No one would ever believe that he or she would have to amputate his or her hand owing to a Tick bite. But this is what has happened to Jo Rogers, a 40 year old woman from Shawnee, Oklahoma. Mrs. Rogers had to go through with the amputation because of a serious infection that hit her after the tick bite.tick-bite-limb-amputation

According to the reports, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers went hiking early this July to the Natural Falls State Park, located near the Oklahoma and Arkansan border. The troubles started after the couple returned from the hiking trip. Mrs. Rogers started feeling sick. The initial symptoms were of a Flu accompanied by severe headaches and fever. Her conditioned degraded intensely as dizziness and vomiting started taking effect.

When she was taken to the hospital, the doctors ran various tests, including tests for meningitis and the West Nile Virus. Nothing was of any help until Mrs. Rogers started developing Gangrene on her limbs. That is when the doctors diagnosed that the ailment that she was suffering was due to a tick bite.

According to the reports, the Mrs. Rogers is being treated of the Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever at the Integris’ Baptist Medical Hospital in Oklahoma. According to CDC, the RMSF is a potentially tick borne disease caused by Rickettsia rickettsii bacterium. The only possible way to keep a person healthy after an infection from the Rickettsia rickettsii bacterium is by amputating the individual.

At present, Mrs. Rogers is recuperating after her hands were amputated from the mid forearm, her left leg just below the knee and her right leg just above the knee. The RMSF has also infected her lungs as she has incurred blood clots all over.

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