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FDA approves opioid OxyContin as a painkiller for 11-16 year old children

In general OxyContin is a lifeline for people struggling with chronic pains. This last Thursday, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved that children within 11 to 16 years of age who feel less effect in other pain management alternatives can take the painkiller OxyContin only against prescription.oxycontin

Purdue Pharma, which is the manufacturer of the drug was consulted by the FDA to conduct researches that would determine the safety of OxyContin use by pediatric patients. In the research, it is found that patients of age 11 to 16 can be prescribed this safely. A sudden dose of opioid can possibly lead to overdose and death if patients have not previously been exposed to the drug so some restrictions are mandatory.


However a restriction is put out to limit its use and the prescription for the young patients goes as young patients, who have already been treated with an opioid painkiller and can tolerate a minimum dose of 20 milligrams of oxycodone, which is the active ingredient in OxyContin can only be prescribed for OxyContin.

Sharon Hertz, a member of FDA’s Office of New Drugs, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research noted that in this way the doctor knows that their patient tolerates and responds appropriately to opioids and knows the amount of opioid treatment needed to manage the patient’s pain.

According to the FDA, they were only concerned about the addictive risks associated with opioid pain medication, so they urged drug makers to make medications more misuse and abuse resistant. However, according to the agency OxyContin is different from other such drugs by class as it is being reformulated to prevent misuse.

A euphoric high is caused by stimulation of the reward center of the brain by oxycodone, which is similar to that of Similar to heroin. Moreover, it also elevates the level of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which is considered as the pleasure chemical of the brain. In the names such as Oxy, OC, OxyCotton, Hillbilly Heroin and Kickers; OxyContin is found on the street and sometimes it is also used as a stimulator when heroin or morphine is unavailable.

Hillbilly heroin abused individuals usually do so and there are two ways to do it. Either they will crush the pill into a fine powder before snorting it and then chew it, or they will crush the tablet and dissolve the powder into water before IV injection for the drug abuse. Pains which are believed to stay for a long time were used to be treated by prescribing OxyContin, while it is also used for around the clock treatment and strictly suggested not to be used on short time pain treatments.

In general, doctors prescribe opioids for a wide range of ailments such as from post surgical pain to migraines and arthritis. Though medical experts still disagree about the role of the drug, some argue that these drugs should be reserved for only the serious case.

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