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Apple Inc’s iOS 9 to be released next month; focuses on security across devices

Only a month is left that Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) will be releasing the brand new iOS 9 in September, which is also known as “Golden Master seed”. More sophisticated, multi tasking is one of the best plus points of the upcoming mobile OS by Apple. Here, you can fit 2 applications on the screen at once, while you are also allowed to drag information from one application to another.apple-ios-9-ipad-iphone

Previously, for making a presentation or anything else you had to frequently switch apps or web pages. But, you can put a stop to that by using iOS 9 as it seems to be a very good approach which is promising to enhance productivity.


Security will reach a new height through this operating system as claimed by experts. The previous 4 digit PIN-password system will be removed and a 6 digit code password system will be introduced. In case, you don’t want to be password protected by a 6 digit PIN-password, you can still stay secured with the previously introduced “touch ID,”

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In short, your security will be maximized at least than that of the previous version. And the best part is without the pass code, even government won’t be able to hack your iPhone as the days of anyone hacking and breaking into your iOS device are far left behind.

By double tapping the home button you can make the transition between apps as iOS 9 comes with a stack view. However, some bugs were found in the developer version of the OS and the beta version had some glitch issues and it seems the only reason behind this is that the apps have not been updated to iOS 9 yet. We believe that Apple will sort out all such issues and problems and make a blockbuster Operating system release to the public very soon.

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iOS 9 also comes with coolest feature, which you will get experience only if you’re using it for one or more weeks. The device automatically starts to learn your habits and starts to provide suggestions that what you want to do next. Predictive Siri, powers the coolest feature, and it is a one of the greatest move from the technology giant.

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