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Samsung launches world’s highest capacity hard drive with 3D V-NAND tech

There are hard drives. Then there are large hard drives. Then there is this. Samsung has just announced a 16 TB drive and if that is not enough for you, it’s not your conventional magnetic hard drive, but rather a Solid State Drive which is certainly a big feat. For those who were living under the rock and not know about SSDs, they are flash based storage drives which are considerably faster than normal hard drives.samsung-16tb-3d-nand-hard-drive

Up until now the biggest hard drive offerings from two biggest storage manufacturers Seagate and Western Digital were 8 and 10 TV. Samsung has beat this record by packing a whopping 16 TB in its 2.5″ drive, named as PM1633a. The feat was achieved by a new technology called 3D V-NAND. The new hard drive has 48 layers of 3D V-NAND memory cells, whereas it was only 36 last year.


“This represents a level of reliability quite sufficient for enterprise storage systems that have to perform ultra fast transmissions of large amounts of data” Samsung noted.

Although normal mechanical hard drives of up to 10 TB (Seagate and Western Digital) capacities are available in the market, SSDs are way more expensive than them are available up to 1TB only.

“We are providing high end capabilities and capacities for all our latest SSDs’ something we believe will elicit a high degree of interest from OEMs and computer enthusiasts throughout the world.” said Jim Elliott, corporate vice president, Samsung Semiconductor Inc.

Samsung announced the monster solid state drive at the Flash Summit ins Santa Clara, California on Tuesday in a keynote address titled “Memory Technology Advances Shape a New Era in flash Innovation.”

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