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Apple Inc to release iOS 9 for public in next month

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) tries hard to bring iOS 9, to the hands of its consumers through its flagship mobile devices. Apple iOS 9 is the newest operating system, in which Apple is consistently working to bring out more experience for its consumers. The company is just a month away from its official public release for its consumers.apple-ios-9-ipad-iphone

While compared to its previous version, the iOS 9 comes with all feature found in iOS 8, and also comes with one of the most expected feature, Multitasking. As of now, multitasking can be achieved by simply double tapping the device home button, which allows the users to switch over from one window to another window. In iOS 9, the feature is upgraded and two windows will open simultaneously on the main screen itself, with information on the both windows and allows the users to go back and forth between two windows.


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This feature is already present in some Android devices, notoriously Note series from Samsung. Bringing this feature to Apple devices will bring standard among the competitors. And also, this offers the feature what the users have been asking for the longest time from the Apple. In the meanwhile, security feature has been added in the iOS 9, and also comes to fix for iOS 8 string of text getting crashing often.

The security feature for the device has been improved and phone lock looks more complex while compared to its previous versions. While comparing the previous versions, the phone lock comes with 4 digit code to unlock it. iOS 9 allows the users to use the 6 digit code for unlocking the phone.

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iOS 9 also comes with coolest feature, which you will get experience only if you’re using it for one or more weeks. The device automatically starts to learn your habits and starts to provide suggestions that what you want to do next. Predictive Siri, powers the coolest feature, and it is a one of the greatest move from the technology giant.

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