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Battlefield 4 crashes on few Windows 7 with Nvidia cards, fix is coming said DICE

While playing Battlefield 4 on a Windows 7 system with Nvidia graphics card with the 331.65 version of the driver, the game stops loading after the cut scenes and pops the error showed in the below image.

Battlefield 4 crashes ocassionally  in Windows 7 system with Nvidia graphics card
Battlefield 4 crashes occasionally in Windows 7 system with Nvidia graphics card

Previously, many Battlefield 4 gamers experienced the red screen of death issue in Windows 8 system running on AMD graphics card and the AMD responded quickly by releasing Catalyst 13.11 Beta8 to solve this issues.

The BF4 users, who faced the problem in Windows 7 computer with Nvidia cards found the temporary solution to solve the issue by killing the game in task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and again starting the game to continue play. It’s also reported that the game is working fine until the 4th campaign in the game, which stops suddenly and shows the error as “problem caused the program to stop working correctly, please stop the program,” and the crash is repeating for 4-5 times and ends after the couple of cut scenes.

DICE, maker of the Battlefield game series responded in the forum and recommended to install clean PunkBuster by uninstalling the previous one. It also said that users should repair the BF4 installation in Origin client software. It is better to look for the latest driver from your graphics card maker’s website, especially Nvidia and AMD.

If you still worried and want to know quickly about the fix, whenever it released, you should head over to this official forum post, where DICE manages to update things about its known Battlefield 4 issues and possible fixes. This page seems to be updating regularly, with solutions for the recent Server crashes, fix for the server queues on PC etc. There are few other issues pending investigation such as corrupted save files in single player and lost progress in multiplayer. You should be in patience, until the DICE and your graphics card maker brings up a fix to these issues.

Are you one of them, who has the similar problem? Have you managed to solve the issue?

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  1. did you try microsoft forums for "nvidia error" or alternatively 25dollarsupport.com is also very good site to take such help.

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