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HTC’s first ever quarterly loss is in Q3 2013, expects similar Q4 earnings

HTC earned $1.6 billion revenue in Q3 2013, ending on last September, which is $8 billion lesser than last year’s third quarter earnings.

HTC Financial earnings report of Q3 2013
HTC Financial earnings report of Q3 2013

HTC previously revealed an unaudited financial report for Q3 and it said that the company will be in quarterly loss for the first time in history. This final report also suggested that the fourth quarter revenue will also go down further.


In Q3 2011 and Q3 2012, HTC earned $4.54 billion and $2.4 billion revenue respectively and this time it plunged to $1.6 billion. The gross margin was 20.4 percent with -7.4 percent operating margin in Q3 2013, whereas in last year’s Q3 it was 25 percent of gross margin with +7 percent of operating margin.

Regarding the new smartphone lineups and some additions (HTC One Mini, One Max, affordable Desire series, HTC’s CEO Peter Chou said:

“We have delivered good progress in the third quarter, with the introduction of HTC One Mini and One Max, we now have an HTC One for everyone.”

HTC expecting a $1.4 to $1.5 billion revenue in fourth quarter, this year with the gross margin of 20 percent, whereas in last year’s fourth quarter, it recorded a $2 billion revenue. However, HTC has increased its brand awareness by 12 percent and brand momentum by 15 percent by introducing IRON MAN, Robert Downey Jr. as the brand ambassador recently. Will it do any magic in Q4 earnings as soon enough?

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