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Netflix to add High resolution content after ‘testing Ultra-HD’

Netflix which has about 29 million ‘full and active’ subscribers in the US and International viewers adding up to more than 40 million is in the process of testing 4K Ultra-HD with controlled frame rate.



The test footage can be accessed by subscribers with the official larch of the service in 2014. Netflix CEO Reed Hashtings had revealed his plans of adding 4K movies to the service before the testing process.

On October 31 Neil Hunt, Netflix’s chief product officer and Peter Nowak of Blog-site Macleans met on general discussion on some topics after which Hunt announced that the second season of the House of Cards is being shot in 4K. “The company is looking to add the higher-resolution content to its offerings in the first half of 2014,” said Nowak. He also mentioned that 3D content in Netflix wouldn’t be getting a portfolio.

Nowak also recalls Hunt saying that Netflix can be the source of 4K content, as people wouldn’t be interested in upgrading their devices or adding discs to their libraries in a new format. “It seems to me that this time it’s internet delivery,” said Hunt.

Hunt is also exited about the data limit from service providers as his own US provider raised the limit to 300 GB from 250 GB. Even as the data limits are being relaxed it would give time for networks to showcase 4K content.

Its not like we go overnight from no 4K to everything 4K,” Nowak added.


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