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iPad Air, with Glue and adhesives, difficult to repair – Teardown report

What would you find inside after the teardown of Apple’s iPad Air tablet? 64-bit A7 chip from Apple, M7 co-processor for camera motion, Qualcomm MDM9615 LTE modem chip and LG’s display are the parts among the details.

Apple unveiled the iPad Air on October 22 event in California and the tablets are available in US, UK, Germany, France and other key countries since today. But, the traditional high-end teardown expert iFixit has already published the details and photos of neat teardown of iPad Air tablet. Here is the important details revealed by the teardown performed by iFixit.

  • The display found is made by LG, which is supplying display screen to Apple along with Sharp and Samsung.
  • Apple A7 chipset found with the part number APL5698, whereas the same A7 chipset found in iPhone 5s had the different part number – APL0698. Its likely that the iPad Air is having the 1.4GHz processor, whereas the iPhone 5s comes with 1.3GHz processor – thanks to the benchmark tests.
  • The M7 co-processor for motion related works found with the part number NXP LPC18A1.
  • Single DDR3 SDRAM chip of 1GB from Elpida is found in iPad Air, but the iPad 4 had 2 chips from Elpida to provide same amount of RAM.
  • The teardown shows the same 5-megapixel iSight rear camera found in iPad 4 with a shorter focal length.
  • 1.2-megapixel Front FaceTime HD camera found with 720p quality, but with an improved sensor than the previous model.
  • Thinner and lighter iPad Air boasts a 32.9 Whr 2-cell battery, which is much smaller and less powerful than the 43 Whr battery found in previous iPad 4. Despite having the less powered battery, Apple preserved the 10-hour battery life in new iPads.
  • Dual microphones are now placed on the top edge, might be, for noise cancelling.
  • Volume buttons are separated for volume up and volume down on the side of the tablet.
  • Stereo speakers are placed on the bottom back of the iPad Air, similar to first-gen iPad Mini.
  • iPad Air comes with a modular nano-SIM tray for cellular, whereas the previous models had a micro-SIM tray.
  • 2 Touch screen controllers found made by Broadcom – BCM5976C1KUB6G, which is similar to the trackpad controllers found in MacBooks.
  • There are 2 WiFi antennae placed inside the tablet with MIMO technology, which reports the double speed in connectivity compared to the previous models.

iFixit gives a score for repairability to all the devices its tears and this time the iPad Air has got the less score with 2 points out of 10 for the repairability, in which easy LCD access and non-soldered battery gets the positive points and the increased glue and adhesives gets the negative points – which makes the repairing of iPad Air tougher than the previous models.


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