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In a new PR exercise, Xiaomi to deliver phones through Uber

Especially for those people, who really can’t able to wait for their latest mobiles, Xiaomi, one of the top internet-saavy Chinese smartphone manufacturing company, made a new way by collaborating with Uber to deliver the devices to their customers as fast as they can, and as fast as the traffic allows. Uber, one of the fastest growing ride-hailing services, will play an important role in delivering the devices to the consumers all around the city state of Singapore.xiaomi-uber-delivery

In order to boost up the publicity and sales of the Xiaomi Mi Note, a 5.7 inch phablet device, the company announced that the customers can easily order the phablet devices directly from the Uber application, as soon as the device goes on sale. This is a quite innovative method to attract the consumers around the Singapore, unlike other device sales, where use the consumers need to wait for more than a week to get their device.

By partnering with Uber, the customers will get their device within the same day of ordering. The company says that, within 4 minutes of ordering the device, the Uber driver will start his journey to deliver the device.

The company also mentioned that the partnership will also expand in Malaysia soon, not for the entire country, but for the capital city. It seems only a limited number of devices are allocated to the Uber and the event will take place before one day when online sales begin. This is an excellent move by both of the startups to make a publicity stunt, and also shows how two startups can plan and work together.

The company also planned to expand its circle outside Asia, and planned to sell around 35 million devices to Brazil this year. The company sells its device close to its cost, and this made the device to play a vital role in marketing the devices in the ultracompetitive smartphone market in this world.

Xiaomi x UBER: Today we’re announcing a unique partnership with Uber for on-demand delivery of the new Mi Note we just…

Posted by Hugo Barra on Thursday, July 23, 2015

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