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Google Nexus 5 Black 16GB model out of stock, remaining devices’ shipping delayed

Google is not learning from its mistakes during the launch of its products as this time its flagship Nexus 5 devices are out of stock after few hours of official launch, especially the 16GB Black variant.



Still 16GB models are out of stock in US Google Play store but the 32GB Black and White variants are there for pre-ordered customers but the sad part is the devices will “leave warehouse in 2-3 weeks”.

Its not clear whether people are desperately buying the black 16GB models or Google produced in less numbers, UK’s Google Play Store also shipping the Black units from November 8 onwards, where as White 16GB &32GB units will be shipped in 1-2 business days.

In Germany, the same issue persists as the Black 16GB Nexus 5’s are out of stock and the 32GB Black variant will be shipped starting November 15th onwards, whereas 32GB White Nexus 5 will be shipping starting from November 8th onwards. Here, 16GB White models will be shipped in 2-3 weeks according to the German Play Store.

Despite, its a low margin smartphone for the companies – both Google and LG, still the laziness in producing enough devices during the launch is not good for the company. May be, this is a marketing tactics, similar to Apple did in iPhone 5s, especially the overwhelming demand of Gold variant.

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